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Derek: You paged me?
Izzie: Yes. Did you get the cheque for the caterers, and the cash tips for the waiters?
Derek: Yes.
Izzie: Ah, did you write your vows?
Derek: Not yet, I will.
Izzie: Derek, you have to write your vows. What you say to Meredith, on this day, it's important. She'll remember it for the rest of her life.
Derek: Yeah, Izzie, I have patients. So, if you paged me to talk about the wedding I...
Izzie: That's not why I paged you.
Derek: I have a craniotomy to get to.
Izzie: He's back. Denny, he's back.
Derek: I'll page Dr. Bailey and we'll order an...
Izzie: An MRI. I know the drill.

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