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MIRANDA: "You want to tell me what that was all about?"
IZZIE: "Nothing. He's probably just crazy or something... Bethany Whisper."
MIRANDA: "What?"
IZZIE: "Bethany Whisper. I did a new Bethany Whisper lingerie ad, he saw it in a magazine."
MIRANDA: "You had time to pose for magazines?"
IZZIE: "No, the shoot was last year, it just came out.
MIRANDA: "So, because he saw you in a thong..."
IZZIE: "No! It was not a thong!"
MIRANDA: "You're hiding out in the hallway?"
IZZIE: "I just think it might be easier if you assign another intern."
MIRANDA: "Easy is not in your job description. You are a doctor. He is a patient. He's your patient! Biopsy these! If they come back positive, I expect to see you in surgery. You're on this! You hear me? "

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Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

CRISTINA: "You're eight feet tall. Your boobs are perfect, your hair is down to there. If I was you I would just walk around naked all the time. I wouldn't have a job, I wouldn't have any skills, I wouldn't even know how to read. I would just be... naked."
IZZIE: "It's all makeup. Retouching."
CRISTINA: "You get that we hate you, right?"

ALEX: "So, Grey and Stevens really walk around in their underwear?"
GEORGE: "Um... Not all the time. I mean, some of the time. But not all the time."
ALEX: "Sexy underwear?"
GEORGE: "Yeah..."
ALEX: "And they just let you look at them?"
GEORGE: "Well, uh... yeah."
ALEX: "So they're like your sisters?"
GEORGE: "No! Not like sisters. Uh... no! I don't think of them like sisters."
ALEX: "But they're not coming on to you?"
GEORGE: "Well, not exactly."
ALEX: "And they don't expect you to do anything."
GEORGE: "No, but..."
ALEX: "Like sisters. Just like sisters."

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