Aiden: You're not going to leave this, are you?
Emily: Have I ever?
Aiden: No.


CULTURE & INHERITAGE I’m very sorry to bother you with my message. My name is Erick Darkwah from Ghana. I lost my biological parent during a dispute between As-ante people and the forming settlements on the Gold Coast for the purpose of slave-trade of our family linage of Gold&Diamond of 3+3 Acres of lands (TARKWAH) which automatically belongs to my biological father who is now late. Generally as tradition demands and as the next of kin, I am the only one left in the family to inherit and serve this acres of land before I was adopted by Chief A. O. Obiri from my community who lives and work in UK where i was given visa to join him in UK last year but unfortunate he died March this year; on a sick bed while treated with traditional and ritual medicine as a village chief. Now his death is painful and regrettable as he leaves me a cold moment in UK. Things have become very hard for me paying my school fees, taking care of UK bills and other needs which the football job I tried to do as a part time after my school couldn't help, so, I went to Barclay's Bank UK where he work and has an account but was shocked when the manager told to me that I will not be able to withdraw or deposit in that account until after the maturity date of deposit. The banker said that my adopted father put a clause on the account stating that I will be given access to the deposit only when i attain the age of 27 years old or above. I am a serious stamara and I cannot speak quickly. I need your kind assistance, legal experience to buy my late father stock account with Barclay's Bank UK as I have decided to obey the royal call from the village king over the land dispute and also to look after my late father's kingdom of that bloody gold mining community I inherited as traditional value to royal family in Ashanti clan where I come from. I need serious investors to help me and develop my lands in Ghana. Cordially i wait for your reply. Erick Darkwah O. Obiri 07514085972 Email:

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

[to Pascal] Ah, I sense the stench of romance is in the air.


As children, we flinch at the sight of blood not yet realizing it means family, loyalty, and is the essence of life. But for all its virtue, there is the unavoidable reality that blood is often the child of pain, and a violent reminder that anything can be taken away in the blink of an eye.