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You're young, you're rich, you got a face that gives women an erection.

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When she was in her mid 1980s, my mother's car keys and lcesnie were taken away from her by a police officer who found her driving the wrong way down a major road at night. At first she was very angry but eventally, with the help of a social worker, she accepted the wisdom of giving up driving. This event turned out to be a blessing, but I shudder to think what kind of accident might have happened. I do think that at some point perhaps age 80 drivers should be routinely checked like the woman in the video by either their doctors or the DMV. We test younger drivers before allowing them to drive; I think testing older drivers is equally valid. Older drivers are far more likely to accept a decision from an authority figure such as a doctor or police officer than one of their grown children.


மச ச ன இத ந ற த தம இல ல ,"கனரக ஆய தங கள பயன பட த த வ ண ட ம ன இர ண வத த ற க அரச உத தரவ "இத எல ல ம ந டகம , க ங க ரஸ அல ல த அரச வந த ல இல ங க ய ல ப ர ந ற த தம வந த ல ம வர ம ஆதல ல த ர தல வர தம ழகத த ல வ ற இந த எத ர ப அல இர க க , எனவ ந ற த த ர ம த ர ந ற த த ங க ...இத எல ல ம Pre Planned machan