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Jack manages to kidnap Logan this week, as he uses some sort of armor and automatic weapon to shoot his way past secret service agents. He then drags Logan away and berates him with death threats until Logan tells Jack everything he knows.

He says the Russian delegate was behind Hassan's murder. Off Jack goes, as we see him kill more Russian dudes and then start a blood bath in the delegate's office. Near the end of the episode, Logan gets the Russian President on the line and we learn that he was actually behind Hassan's murder. He's also in the country now for the peace treaty signing.

But Jack has bugged Logan and hears the whole conversation. Even though he's bleeding from a knife wound, the hour concludes with him slinking away for the next part of his non-urgent mission.

Meanwhile, the President defies the First Amendment and orders the FBI to arrest Meredith Reed to prevent the evidence by going public.

Also, Chloe determines the identity of Jim Ricker and frees Cole to track him down. She figures this is the best way to locate Jack and save his life from CTU, who - now controlled by Pillar - wants Jack dead.

Heck, so do we. The guy is nothing but a cold-blooded, vengeful murderer at this point.

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i too keep hoping for the death of Jack .. unfortunately with the knowledge of a future movie this is not a reasonable expectation. I'm way beyond fed up with his superhuman ability to kill everyone and everything. I hope next week we get to see Cole give him a beat down would be a nice way to end off the season and with Chloe putting a bullet in him as he is arrested and whisked away. Ive never wanted to see a main character die so badly.


I'm curious as to which Jack Bauer you've been watching for the past eight seasons. This is perfectly in line with his character -- had Nina gotten away right after Teri's murder, you don't think he would have gone completely nuts and pulled the same sort of stunts? He's essentially playing the same role Tony Almeida did last year. Your vital mistake is in assuming that we're all supposed to be cheering for Jack. We're not, necessarily. I find myself on Chloe's side more than anyone's. Last night's episode was wonderfully silly. This season has elevated itself past 2, 3, 6, and 7 for me.


I've never felt the need to post after watching a TV show, but watching last night's episode, I actually feel like I lost intelligence. That was one of the worst 60 minutes of TV in the medium's history.