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How did 24 end its iconic run? Here's a rundown of events from the finale...

- Jack infiltrated the UN by taking Pillar hostage. He spared this traitor's life, but he set up shop in range of killing the Russian President. When Chloe and Cole learned of Jack's whereabouts, the former went there to talk him down. She said they could use the evidence he had recorded on the conversations with Logan to ensure justice, but Jack wasn't having it. Eventually, Chloe convinced him, but Jack insisted she actually shoot him. Otherwise, people would think they were acting together. When Jack threatented to shoot himself, Chloe obeyed. She took him down with a shot to the shoulder.

- Jack was taken away in an ambulance, while Chloe snuck the recording to Cole.

- Meanwhile, Dalia learned from her daugher that Meredith Reed had called about the Russian involvement. She took this to the President. Taylor had no choice but to acknowlege what she knew, which led to Dalia refusing to sign the peace treaty. But Taylor got tough and said she better to so; otherwise, she'd release information about the IRK and attack that country with nuclear weapons.

- Dalia relented, but after Jack was shot and taken away, a recording was found on the scene he had made. Taylor watched it, it focused on justice and she realized the error in her ways. At the last second, she refused to sign the treaty. She went over to Logan's office to demand that he take off the hit on Jack (which she had earlier agreed to because it was still dangerous for him to be alive). But Logan lost it, wanting revenge on Bauer. He shot Pillar and then shot himself.

- We're then taken to a lot where an agent is about to shoot Jack, after ambushing the latter ambulance. But CTU drones zero in on their location and Taylor is able to place a phone call. She orders the men to stand down. She apologizes to Jack. She says he better leave the country because Russian and American forces will both be after him. After she hangs up, Jack has an emotional goodbye with Chloe. She says she'll try to stall the government so Jack can flee. He thanks her... for everything. And then he's off.

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Loved the show, shame it's gone Ill miss it. Absolute top class we'll miss Bauer!


Without a doubt, 24 was the best show on TV for the past 8 years. I did not miss one episode in all that time and I turned my friends and family onto the show and they all loved it. The writing was great. The actors were fantastic. I miss the show already. What a great ride. Thanks.


Great review, thanks for sharing.
Whilst the season has not been the best overall, it has had many of the best ever scenes in.
Until the movie: Goodbye Jack, Chloe, CTU and 24. We'll miss you.


I only started watching this amazing show last season and was hooked for this season. I also have the boxed sets for the past seasons and have watched seasons 1&2. This show felt like a mini movie every week and I looked forward to watching each hour. What a unique, gutsy show filled with unforgettable characters (even if some were despised.)The Finale was great and I felt the ending was at once poignant and satisfying.


Ohhh the intrigue. How many Monday nights have I spent playing judge and executioner with my hero Jack Bauer. How could I play a gentle organic gardner by day only to become a CTU/killer at night? I will miss that side of me, I still laugh at finding myself jumping up from my seat and pacing the floor, pressing the hold button on the DVR to decide critical intel and problem solving. With the exceptions of the apologies from the producers of this incredible series to the Muslim population(how funny was that?) We fans apologized to no one. What a ride! Very sad to see it go. Nothing better then ending football season only to slip into something as uncomfortable as a rubics cube of twisting plots. Yes it was the case there were not enough women writers, clearly, someone has to bear the responsibility for the awful inter-personal crap (really bad writing guys) that we were forced to tolerate. Maybe I’ll take a Karate class on Monday nights. Mostly, I’ll miss the fans. There is nothing like a little blood lust and espionage amongst gardners! Jack, we need you more then ever in the Gulf brotha, BP won’t know what hit them. Just saying…


Totally pleased with finale, and the last 3 episodes ! Finally Jack Bauer unleashed. Bad guys not slipping away in the last few seconds and, as has always been Jack's intent, justice served ! Could certainly tell Vince Flynn is one of the co-writers.
Gregory Itzin's scene with the the Russian President, waiting for Jack to shoot . . Priceless ! His whole performance was wonderful. And Chloe's goodbye . . . how fitting.
Any 24 officionado has got to be gratified. Was hoping Jack would not be killed off in the end, this was palpable closure !


There have been only a few shows that I have watched "Cradle to Grave", and even fewer that sustained their momentum throughtout. Without a doubt "24" has rocketed to the number one spot, for me, for all time best series finales. Jumping past Johnny Carson's last "Tonight Show" and the series finale of "M*A*S*H". I was glued to the TV, as were millions of others for the "Sopranos" finale, but that just left us in the dark, literally. Even "Seinfeld" was disappointing at the end. If you're like me you couldn't wait for Monday night to watch Jack Bauer, not "24". Much the way we did back in the '70's when we would watch "The Fonz" not "Happy Days". But unlike "The Fonz", Jack Bauer never "jumped the shark", he just left us wanting more. I can't wait for the movie(s).


End of an era. I've enjoyed the series very much. My family and I had out TV night around Jack and crew for the last eight years. My youngest was six years old when we started watching and now he's 14...can't believe it. 24 was timely and well done. Thanks for the ride!


At last a true finale!! Thank you writers of "24" for giving the fans a very, very satisfying ending to the TV run. We've been here for the entire journey and never waivered. "Lost" hooked us in the beginning and then left fans out to dry with the show's "dead end." But not "24!" You came through and showed us the magic that was Jack Bauer. All the pain and suffering he endured through the seasons boiled to the surface as his faith in his country was severely put to the test. Cherry should get another emmy for her role as the president. How could a woman become so clouded after what happened to her family last season? It's the evil of Charles Logan. Is there any better bad guy who just makes you want to hate his guts? Thank you Keifer for staying out of jail long enough this season to give one of your best performances. With "Lost" I was just lost at the end, but with "24," now I'm found.


What's going here? Is it not now hours since the Finale aired and yet not one review, not one comment???? By this time after its finale "LOST" had reviews and volumes of comments already posted. Did anyone watch the end of this show? All I can say is thank goodness the President did not sign the treaty and I hope Jack made it out of the country b4 anyone was able to catch him.