30 Rock Season 6

"What Will Happen To the Gang Next Year?"

In the 30 Rock season finale, Jack wants to renew his vows with Avery to prove their marriage is still strong as Liz offers to officiate the ceremony.

"The Return of Avery Jessup"

On 30 Rock, Jack has his doubts about Avery when she finally returns home from North Korea.

"Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phatom Pooper"

On 30 Rock, Angie brings her reality show camera back and catches Jack receiving some dramatic news.

"Live From Studio 6H"

Liz and Jack accept the news that "TGS" will no longer be a live show. Kenneth leads the crew through the show's rich history.

"Murphy Brown Lied to Us"

Jack races to find a solution this week when his sofa idea hits a snag. He also sets up a blind ate for Liz.

"Meet The Woggels"

With Jack's mother in the hospital, Liz convinces him to finally reveal his true feeling on 30 Rock.

"Nothing Left to Lose"

Jack sets out to cure Pete of self-esteem issues this week, while Tracy's sense of smell returns. YES!

"The Shower Principle"

Jack does his best to impress Hank Hooper, while Liz Lemon tries to actually change something in her life for once.

"Kidnapped by Danger"

Liz writes a TV movie script this week. It's based on Avery and her love story with Jack.


Liz tries to mentor Hazel this week, while Kenneth cares for Tracy and Jacks ups his efforts to rescue Avery.

"St. Patrick's Day"

Dennis is back on 30 Rock! He complicates Liz's life with Criss this week.

"Standards and Practices"

Chloe Grace Moretz guest stars on 30 Rock this week. Elsewhere, Kenneth lands a network censor job.

"Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky"

Frank pretends to date Liz on this episode of 30 Rock. Elsewhere, Tracy and Jenna go snooping to locate Pete's missiny whisky.

"Leap Day"

The TGS crew celebrates Leap Day on this episode of 30 Rock. For Jenna, of course, this means trying to seduce a billionaire.

"The Tuxedo Begins"

Liz gets mugged on 30 Rock this week, which leads to Jack running for Mayor of New York City.

"Hey, Baby, What's Wrong (Part 2)"

Liz and Criss celebrate Valentine's Day on this episode, while Jenna anticipates performing on "America's Kidz Got Singing."

Mary Steenburgen on 30 Rock
"Hey, Baby, What's Wrong (Part 1)"

Liz and Criss must buy a dinner table together this week, a decision that does not come easily for the couple. Jack, meanwhile, spends time with his mother in law.

"Today You Are a Man"

Liz and Jack go at it this week over contract negotiations. Tracy and Jenna sign on as entertainment at a Bar Mitzvah.

"The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell"

Jack tries to get rid of the page program this week. As you might expect, the results are disastrous.

"Idiots Are People Three"

Jack makes it his mission to meddle in Liz's relationship this week, while also continuing with his feud against Devin.

"Idiots Are People Two"

Tracy is all about defending the world's morons this week, while Will Arnett returns and Jack meddles in Liz' life.

"Dance Like Nobody's Watching"

Finally! 30 Rock is back with a new episode, as season six premiere with Liz holding a secret.

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