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On the final 90210 of 2009, here's what went down...

- Liam admitted to Ivy that he still had feelings for Naomi. She initially took the news well and even texted Naomi to go over to Liam's because he had news for her. In his workshop, Liam opened up, apologized and the pair made out. He even showed Naomi what was under the tarp: a boat he was building because his psychologist said he needed a release. Viewers then saw Ivy in her car, crying over her loss.

- Dixon also told Silver he wished they'd never broke up. He even kissed her! This took place after the winter dance, which Teddy had asked Silver to attend with him, but she turned down because he's too much of a player. Still, those two kissed on the dance floor and, even though she walked away after it happened, Silver told Naomi she felt something during the smooch. Looks like we have a major love triangle on our hands!

Also, late in the episode, Dixon told Debbie he wanted to track down his birth mother again.

- Distraught over Jen, Ryan downed some vodka at the dance. We're guessing this is the start of a drinking problem for him.

- As for Annie, the truth finally came out. Naomi, who apologized to her in person about the Liam/Jen mix-up, led a quasi intervention in which everyone told Annie that Jasper was a drug dealer. Adrianna even said she'd go on record about having bought from him, even if it got her in major trouble. Navid added that Jasper pushed him down the stairs. Annie confronted Jasper with these accusations and forced the truth out of him. He replied by finally bringing up the fact that Annie ran over his uncle. That's how the episode ended.

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I loved it !
& I think Annie needs some friends ahah . It's kind of sad how Silver turned her back on her but when Naomi called Silver a freak in season 1, Annie still hung out with her.


One thing that pissed me off was the way that Naomi reacted when she find out that Jen was the one that slept with Liam! She just said "I don't ever want to see you again"... She should have try to hit her and cry a lot more than she did on the episode! Last episode was ok, but not great-great since no new episodes will be aired till march 9,2010!! 90210 is doing really good this season, i hope they will keep on doing it in this way!!!


OMG Annie and Naomi friends again that's just sick. Annie should haved willowed in her own misery for all we care But Liam and Naomi now that's just plain Hot


I am SO pissed off with the way that they handled the naomi/annie fight.
annie should have punched naomi or screamed at her...instead she seemed sort of okay and seems to WANT to be naomi's friend again.
and then naomi leads that intervention and says 'we're your friends; we CARE about you'
what a load of bull.
annie should have called her out on that...actually should have called out ALL of them on for navid...since he actually tried helping her out. i really hope that annie doesn't become friends with naomi AND silver again. :X


woooo.! OMG i freakin love this show.!
I Hate jasper he's been like brain washing
Annie since forever and now he's gonna black-mail
her?? JEEEEEZ_LOUIS.! i cant believe we have to wait
for a long time just to see what else happens. I CANT WAIT.!
(BTW::Dont you just hate how Silver just assumed that teddy was already moving on (when tht was his sister) && how Dixon just lied on his "friend" like that??) Golly-Gee....iim OBSSESSED.!
:P :D :/ && im BRiiA;; Bye Bye Now.! |-_-|

90210 Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

I saw him kissing that barefoot surfer chick. Apparently, he likes the smell of BO.


You put me through Hell, Naomi.


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