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Adrianna rents a mansion and lets the fame really go to her head this week. She tells off Victor multiple times and ignores Navid. As a result, she essentially gets coal in her stocking:

Victor releases Javier's song book to the press and tells the world what Adrianna did, while Navid is driven more and more into the arms of Silver. They make out near the end of the episode.


- Teddy tells Ian he knows he's day, but he needs time to process that before coming out of the closet to everyone. These two also kiss, and Dixon witnesses it.

- Ivy meets up with her dad, but quickly learns he only wants to be close so Ivy can help convince her mother that he doesn't need to pay for Ivy's college, as their divorce papers state. At least this fact brings Ivy close to Laurel again, and also cements her friendship with Naomi, who called Laurel and told her what happened.

- Liam recovers from his beating at the Wilsons, only to tell Annie he loves her. These two end up sleeping together. Sorry, Charlie!

- Naomi returns from Adrianna's party, leaves a message for Oscar saying she doesn't want to date him and viewers see Mr. Canon hiding in the shadows. Cut to black.

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c'mon can't believe how bad it was!!!!!
Annie slept with Liam suddenly when she was dating his brother?
And why the hell doesn't Navid break up with Adrianna?


this episode like the latest sucks!!!! this season is horrible. i cant believe naomis storyline


I enjoyed this episode and look forward to the next after the winter break. I'm happy that Liam and Annie are finally together. I have mixed feelings about the whole Navid/Silver/Adrianna triangle. First at all, one thing that I do not like about the show is that couples usually last all but two episodes together. The only couple that seems to stick is Navid and Adrianna. She might have turned into a total diva/bitch but at least she has continued liking her friends. She has done nothing bad to any of her friends, and she is about to have a hard falling once the scandal explodes. I; however, find myself intrigued by the whole Navid/Silver drama. I can't wait to see how things unfold. Maggie


Don't be too harsh on this episode, it's not that bad. And stop judging Annie like that. It's not like everyone's perfect on this show. Why has she always been picked out and screwed all over like that? I just don't get it.


I think this episode is going to be brilliant.
I mean finally Teddy confronts his won feelings, and kissed Ian last episode, so I am very excited to see where this relationship goes! I must say that, that kiss between them definatly bought them up to my favorite couple on 90210!
Liam and Annie rekindle their romance.. finally! I was wondering where that story line had got to.
And finally Navid and Silver. They had better kiss, Navid deserves so much better than Adrianna, and Silver is just that!
Can't wait for more Teddy and Ian though, their kiss was amazing :)

90210 Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

So they don't remake The Odd Couple starring you and me? It's okay, I'll live.

Ivy [to Naomi]

There is no we, Victor. There is me and there is you who works for me.


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