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Reality producers followed Adrianna around trying to shoot a pilot on this installment of 90210.

Elsewhere, Navid and Dixon convinced a music producer to shoot Nelly's new music video at the revamped Shirazi Studios.

Also, Emily tried to get close to Liam and Teddy turned to Silver for support and met a new guy.

Naomi was surprised by her reaction to her new nerdy lab partner, Max, who helped her out.

Finally, Adrianna's suspicions about Navid cheating on her were confirmed, as she told Silver about her plot for revenge. She doesn't know Silver is the other woman.

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Oh..and I just found it...Wesley Jonathan plays Nelly's manager!


Oh..Vic...it was "sight of a tear" by Gypsy & The Cat!!


Eyes wide shut by JLS. and yes, WHO played Nelly's manager?!!!


@Tom Sizemore yeah !! i'm wondering the same thing ???!!!!!!!!!!!
I've seen him in a serie but i can't remember which one !!


Ok, please help me out here. I'm trying to find the name of the song and artists that sings the song playing during the Revenge with the Nerds' episode. It ays while Naomi is in lab texting while she and her lab partner Max introduces themselves.
Some of the lyrics are....Wide shut in the other......not very much but sounds calming and that it puts you in a good daze---man I'm loving it but can pin it!!
Please help!!!! :)


Ooooh, if Emily would stand right in front of my, I'd hit her pretty hard!


In this episode who was the actor that played Nelly's manager. What else have I seen him in?

90210 Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Reality show producer: Naomi, the camera loves you.
Naomi: The feeling is mutual.

I'm surprised he can even get a side piece.

Naomi [on Navid cheating]