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- The video of Teddy's wedding leaked on the internet and he blamed it on Shane.

- Silver finds out that Marissa leaked the video.

- Naomi has still not spoken to Austin.

- Annie confronted Patrick and he was not apologetic.

- Patrick gave Annie the down payment for Dixon's rehab.

- Adrianna drives Dixon to rehab.

- Liam was mad about some of the terms of his modeling contract. 

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So very pleased you made it, you are all quite iaxepteoncl people, glad to get to know' you. The very best of luck in the future.Judith Butson (Naomi's Mum)


Martin Spanjers from 8 Simple Rules


who plays Stanley in this episode??

90210 Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Please tell me you're wearing sunscreen. We don't want wrinkles on that million dollar face of yours.

Sheila [to Liam]

Oh my God, can I just tell you how nice it is not to have anything on my schedule for a change!