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Naomi tries to break up Max's wedding on the 90210 season finale.

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Oh. my. gosh.! The ending of this episode/season was crazy! Hate Vanessa and want her to go back to the hole she crawled into. And Adrianna is going to feel bad for leaving now because of Dixon :/ I'm glad she did but I'm guessing Dixon is gone for good? But yay for Msx & Naomi!! (: At least one relationship gets to last (sad about Annie & Caleb :( ) I hope that things work out for Ivy and Diego. Cannot wait for season 5!!!!


I want to know about the fifth season of 90210, what happens to Dixon and Adrianna is she being manipulated by her manager

90210 Season 4 Episode 24 Quotes

Nice phone, princess.

Liam [to Austin]

Now I'm going to go marry my ex-boyfriend.