90210 Round Tables

There's a great deal to discuss from the 90210 season three premiere. Join us for the latest edition of a TV Fanatic Round Table and let's get right to it!
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90210 came to a conclusion this week. What is your favorite and least favorite aspects of the show? We discuss that in our weekly TV Fanatic Round Table.
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Just a week away from the season finale of 90210, we're here with the latest installment of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Read, enjoy, and respond!
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This week's episode of 90210 didn't deliver a lot of fast-paced action. But it did introduce new storylines and villains that we pick apart in this edition of the Round Table.
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We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


Last time I checked movie stars don't do manual labor.

Vanessa [to Liam]