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American Horror Story Season 1

It all comes down to the American Horror Story season finale. Who will end up with the baby?

Vivien finally gives birth on American Horror Story. Why do we have a bad feeling over what that will mean for her?

"Smoldering Children"

Violet learns a lot more about the house this week, while we delve into Larry's past.

"Spooky Little Girl"

Mena Suvari guest stars on American Horror story this week. She plays the famous murder victim, The Black Dahlia.

Who is Rubber Man? That major question is answered on this week's episode of American Horror Story.

Vivien and Luke grow close this week on American Horror Story, while Moira tries to convince a buyer to take over the house.

"Piggy Piggy"

Ben deals with a new patient on American Horror Story this week. Elsewhere, Constance asks for help from Violet.

"Halloween Part 2"

Hayden makes her presence very much felt on American Horror Story this week. It's part two of the show's Halloween special.

"Halloween Part 1"

It's Halloween on American Horror Story. You can only imagine what that might entail, right?

"Murder House"

Why don't the Harmons just move out? That question is answered on this week's episode of American Horror Story.

"Home Invasion"

Ben goes back to Boston this week, while also refusing to treat Tate. Elsewhere, Vivien and Violet get caught up in a dangerous situation.

The Harmons move across the country and into a new house on the series premiere of American Horror Story. A new, haunted house, that is.

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