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Brittani and Molly battled for the title of America's Next Top Model in this cycle's finale.  Their usual CoverGirl commercial commercial and print ad involved Lip Perfection Lip Color.  They would be shot from different camera angles at the same time with a teleprompter.  Although Brittani is nervous and teary prior to the commercial, she nails her takes and looks effortlessly elegant.  While Molly knows her lines well, she looks more stiff. 

Brittan continues her winning streak during the Vogue Italia spread; Molly is upset over the commercial.  However she gets a surprise visit from her mother while Brittani's mother is unable to visit due to medical problems, upsetting Brittani and giving Molly a boost.

The Vivienne Westwood is typically doll-like with a punk theme.  Ann, the winner of Cycle 15 and Hannah, Alexandria, and Kasia are back to walk the runway. Despite the show going smoothly Brittani laughs and falls during the runway...spelling disaster.

After an intense deliberation, Brittani is crowned the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 16.

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I am so happy to read the Molly did not make ANTM becasue she complained the whole season and her foul mouth and attitude was not a good representitive of previous ANTM. I love this show and I watch all of the episodes reruns and the current shows, and I really decided to comment on this episode. I did not see the final show where Britani is crowned, but she was the best out of the two. I wanted the girl with the squeeky voice to win but she was eliminated before the final show. I really do not like the choices of girls picked for the Vogue representitive. High fashion models brush over the personilities of representing wholesome girls, like cover girl. The last great model for representitive of ANTM was Christa. I feel the girls have become hard core, spoiled and nasty mouths. Tyra, I love this show and would appreciate the girls still representing as moral and high fashion. Anne was okay, but she has no speaking ability, to represent cover girl, but she did represent high fashion for Vogue. I really think this high fashion portion waters down the role model of ANTM. Therefore I vote to go back to the cover-girl version to include high fashion modeling representation.