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Jeremy Sherwood is killed in action.

Frank escorts his son home, and meets his daughter for the first time.

All of the families join together to support the Sherwoods in their loss.

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My guess - Tanya is pregnant !!!!!


I'm pretty sure it's Chase. I saw him on another show.


I think its Chase!!!


Err why must we have to wait. times like this I wish i was a season behind catching up on netflix or something. and with all the other people telling me who I think i might lean towards jeremey or chase. err I just don't know.


I THINK I'S MICHAEL---------------------


Can you please post episode 4 preview


After all, it IS just a television show. I like it, too and was just as fired up when it ended like it did last night as everyone else. And I'd like to know who's been messing with the faces of the women. More and more, Claudia Joy keeps her teeth clenched when she talks and someone has plumped up her mouth too much on one side. Are her jaws wired shut? Wierd. And also, poor Denise has her top lip so full of something it just fluffs out like a duck bill on top and her lip seems frozen in place. Looked way better before. My opinion.