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Army Wives Season 6


On Army Wives, the troops return to Afghanistan and news comes out that Fort Marshall will merge with an air force base.

"Domestic Maneuvers"

On Army Wives, Roland's treatment of Marcus causes problems with Joan, Sophie ends up dealing with Kevin's frustrations and Charlie and Nicole battle fertility issues.


On Army Wives, Kevin takes his frustrations out on Jackie when he is forced to come home while Trevor gets new orders.

"The War at Home"

On Army Wives, the consequences from the centennial celebration must be deal with. Trevor and Roxy get to bring Drew home from the the hospital.


On Army Wives, Fort Marshall celebrates its centennial. Roxy and Trevor are fearful over health concerns for their babies.

"Baby Steps"

On Army Wives, Roxy and Trevor argue over his career when Roxy goes into labor. Jackie is annoyed as Sophie manipulates her father.

"Hello Stranger"

Jackie's daughter visits from boarding school on this episode of Army Wives, while Tanya gets blamed for a patient's death.

"Battle Scars"

On Army Wives, Claudia Joy gives legal assistance to retired veterans and Trevor encourages Hector to seek marriage counseling.

"Tough Love"

On Army Wives, Denise tries to move forward from the beach shooting as Claudia Joy gets lessons at the gun range.

"Fatal Reaction"

On Army Wives, Claudia Joy is recovering from her surgery and Trevor is concerned that Roxy is over doing it during her pregnancy.

"General Complications"

On Army Wives, Audrey awaits payback for helping Michael get a promotion. Frank begins to question being a soldier.

"Blood Relative"

On Army Wives, Frank worries about the risk when Denise offers C.J. her kidney.


On Army Wives, Michael looks into what happened at the orphanage in Africa while Frank is haunted by the orphans.

"After Action Report"

When Frank returns from Africa, Denise is concerned. Jackie wonders if she can handle her Army duties on Army Wives.


Nicole is wounded after negotiating an end to the conflict in Africa on Army Wives.


Dr. Hanson and Tanya struggle to save a life. Troops run into a tribal militia outside of a medical clinic on Army Wives.

"System Failure"

Finn celebrates his birthday and Claudia Joy deals with complications due to her diabetes on Army Wives this week.


David gets into a sports-related accident on Army Wives this week, leading to some controversy. Elsewhere, Trevor and Roxy have some advice to offer.

"True Colors"

Roxy gets the opportunity to be involved even more in the Army this week, while tension rises between Claudia Joy and Jackie.

"Learning Curve"

Claudia Joy confides in an old friend this week, while Roxy gets used to life/duties as an officer's wife.

"The Best of Friends"

Trevor has trouble this week adjusting to new house guests. Denise, meanwhile, runs into an old friend.

"Perchance to Dream"

Denise fights for her life after a hurricane hits this week, while Joan is overwhelmed trying to manage to affects of the storm.

"Winds of War"

The sixth season kicks off with the group preparing to leave Fort Marshall. Roxy isn't ready, though, while a hurricane is on the way.

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