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Gloria returns to the bar and takes on new duties.

Roxy and Trevor continue to play for their move.

Denise and Frank have dinner with Charlie and Nicole.

Sophie visits Jackie and Kevin.

Kevin decides he will never take a desk job.

Gloria returns to town and Roxy tells her she's selling The Humb Bar.

Marcus ODs after Joan tells him he will never see his son again.

Joan shares a story with Roland from her childhood.

Roxy tries to get Gloria signed on as assistant manager after she sells The Hump Bar.

Charlie goes overboard with wacky fertility methods and ends up in the hospital.

Roxy decides not to sell The Hump and puts Gloria in charge.

Denise and Frank see Michael eating dinner with an unknown woman.


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please please do not cancel Army Wives. Its a good story to watch , with out the cuse words a people stripping naked . the stories are great


Please do NOT cancel Army Wives. There are very few shows on tv that actually hold my interest. This is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I am madly in love with Michael