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Joan makes some serious decisions about her career.

First Brigade is ordered to deploy to Afghanistan immediately.

Frank is First Brigade Commander.

Joan is promoted to Sentient Brigade Commander and ordered to deploy with the First Brigade.

Penny visits Gloria and asks if she and Hector can take her baby.

Kevin gets some movement in his legs and begins intensive physical therapy.

Trevor gets the final word to go to Ft. Lewis.

Everyone deploys and we are left with a distress call on board and a phone call to Michael. 

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Does anyone know the name of the song and artist tht was played at the end.


What ever happened to Claudia Joy? I must have missed something. Whaaaat? A whole brigade in a downed flight from bad weather? Incredible. What a cheesy way to cause any soldier's demise, if that is the case. How good of them to show the baby twins in an occasional scene, like they wouldn't be in the picture as much as they weren't??? Come now. Cheap way to get rid of Roxy and family, not deploying Trevor, who lied to Roxy when asked if he really wanted to go to Ft. Lewis rather than deploy. Roxy was like a breath of fresh air.


I enjoy watching Army Wives and sincerely hope the show continues. No other show on TV depicts this important facet of our military. The stress and the courage not only of the personnel who are serving but also of the families who are left waiting. This show is entertaining and enlightening and should give the viewer a greater appreciation of the sacrifices, the joys and the sorrows of our military and their families.


Never expected that ending! It's like someone punched you in the stomach. Although I didn't like the ending, it really brings the reality of war home.


What a let down. What kind of conclusion was that... you can't tell if it's a series ender, season ender or a break for a commercial. Maybe they were just to lazy to write a real ending. I think it's a diservice to the fans that have watched over the years. I hope they bring it back and give it an appropriate farewell to show dedication to the real Army wives and famlies.


I hope this is not the end!


Really? What a lousy way to end a show! Seems like they were leaving things open for a possible season 7 reprieve. I hope so because I feel really, really cheated! If that's the best series finale they could come up with they should've ended it when they were going to close Ft. Marshall. At least that left us with a feel-good moment and the whole cast!


Please bring this show back on. I love this show. I hope this is not the ending.


I am so disappointed with the ending of this show. I feel like I just lost my family. It should have ended with the airplane flying majestically off into the clouds. Or better yet, Lifetime should save this show & give us one more season


I can't believe they ended the final show this way. It was emotional enough having everyone saying good bye, but to think that all were lost in a plane crash, just makes it worse. I was an Air Force wife and Army Wives really depicts military spouses life really well including the bonds made with other wives/husbands. I'm sorry to see the show end. I've watched from show one, season one. I will miss it every Sunday night.

Army Wives Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

Normally becoming Brigade Commander is occasion for celebration. Under the circumstances, let me just say I'm damn proud of you.


I just don't see how you can be real Christians and be gay.