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Gloria agrees to go out on a date with Hector.

Patrick saves Gloria from a fire a The Hump Bar.

Tim attempts to ignore Holly.

Denise is on a relief mission to San Mateo to help earthquake victims.

Michael and Kat talk about their kids.

Gloria touches base with Roxy after the fire.

Latasha continues to worry about her family if Quincy is unable to stay in the Army.

Denise gets a badly injured Dr. Seaver onto the rescue flight flown by Kat.

Joan and Jackie discussed Joan's future in Baltimore.

Truman breaks at the party.

Hector tells Truman he saved the lives of the entire platoon.

Patrick and Hector are both after Gloria.

Tim tries to strangle Holly while he is sleeping and reliving his nightmare.

Michael asks that Kat never leave the base without telling him again....for personal reasons.


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'I Know..' a phrase made popular and was most effectively used by Claudia Joy Holden, now everybody uses it...
Why tell people about your money problems if you clearly do not want them to help you? Just asking Latasha.
Hmmm... Its a shame what the writers have done to Colonel Joan Burton's Character, enough said!!
Do I detect jealousy from Denise because The General was checking the Air Colonel out, is The General not mean't to move on with his life?
Just my thoughts, not so good an episode, but I still find myself watching, now who's fault is that?!


I cannot believe Joan is leaving the army. Does this mean she and Roland are leaving the show?

Army Wives Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

So what, you're my night in shining armor now?


It was my track coach who turned my life around, so I'd like to have that same impact on kids in need.