As the World Turns

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As the world turns
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... As the World Turns ...

... Last week, Rosanna (Cady McClain) tampered with the test results. Now a new week is underway and Carly calls Jack about the check but he hangs up on her. When Brad arrives at the farm, Jack confronts him and guesses he spent the night with Katie.

... Brad claims someone had to and accuses Jack of not knowing how much he hurt Katie (Terri Colombino). At the diner Katie updates Vienna and Henry about her failed marriage and Jack's canceled wedding. Vienna urges her to take Jack back but she insists he's not her soul mate.

... They worry to hear Brad spent the night with her. Alison is encouraging when Aaron admits how his Thanksgiving is going to be ruined by his family problems. Gwen's about to tell Sofie about her adoption plans but Cole angrily jumps on her for talking with Sofie...

... Gwen apologizes and backs off. Once she's gone, Cole talks with Sofie about moving to L.A. after they've given up the baby for adoption. She wonders how they can afford to move to L.A. when they can't afford to have the baby. Later, Aaron overhears Cole coming on to Alison ...

... Although she doesn't like the idea, Alison agrees to help and gets Cole to admit he's about to come into a lot of money. Jack gives Parker a "Snyder" letter jacket after the judge officially makes them father and son...

... Carly's upset when Parker claims he didn't want her there when Parker became a Snyder. Though Gwen warns it's a stupid idea, Carly offers Katie her settlement money but Katie tells her to keep it because she's earned it. She accuses Carly of scheming all along to take Jack from her...

... Katie calls Brad to the diner to film a segment for the show about the diner feeding the homeless. As Carly asks Brad to give the $100,000 check to Jack and he admits he knew she was lying, a nearby technician records them talking. Katie hears the playback and realizes Brad's been lying to her...

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