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Britten and Freeman work to solve a murder of a football fan after the season’s biggest game while Britten and Vega work to solve the murder of a dry cleaner employee.

Meanwhile, Britten tries to console and help Rex through an unexpected breakup with Emma. Rex doesn’t believe the reasons she’s giving him are truthful and Britten gives him some of the defining tells of lying.

After Britten closes the cases, Rex comes back to him and reveals the real reason why Emma broke up with him: she was pregnant but lost the baby. They had unprotected sex one time and Rex thought it would be okay.

Britten wonders since he sees everything everyway if Emma was pregnant in the red reality. Rex says they had sex before Hannah died, and Britten asks Emma on the red side if she’s pregnant. Emma breaks down and confirms she is.

The episode ends with Michael telling Hannah.

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Improved after last week's weak episode, but the cases remain redundant to the overall show. I'm unsure about the pregnancy: it feels like an arbitrary reason introduced to delay the move to Oregon, though it could produce just the kind of narrative drive I've been hoping the show will tackle. Our take here: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-Qu

Awake Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You giving you your ex-girlfriend a polygraph is not one of your better ideas.


I'm not huge on goodbyes.