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Jenna heads to church camp to find absolution from her parents split. While there and with a little help from Lissa Jenna realizes that she is the only one with the power to absolve herself.

Tamara deals with Kyle stalking her.

A new girl catches Matty's eye.

Lacey tries to keep it together and learn how to be alone from Valerie.

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i enjoyed tonight's episode of awkward it was nice to see more of the other characters in this season ..i really like Lissa..matty is sort of annoying me because if he liked her before why is he only showing it now and i hope that there's more to this season than just the love triangle because its a bit unrealistic i think anyway because the first season was very easy to relate to unless there is a lot of people who relate to this story line i think a bit of love triangle and something else would be refreshing ..i love Jake and jenna hes such a nice guy maybe if they left the whole love triangle for a while and continued with tammaraia plot like not just on about Ricci but something new and bring in the other character background as well ..an episode about matty from his point of view ir show what jake is thinking or get to know jake properly because all we really know is hes best friends with Matty a jock a lovely guy and dating jenna hope next episode i brilliant i love this show :D and i hope Jenna's parents get back together .this is all my opinion people may not agree but it would be nice to know what people think of this season ?bye now :)

Awkward Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm not totally sold on the whole Jesus being straight thing. All that time in the desert with 12 dudes and no women...


I'm a pregnant woman who claims she's a virgin. So, decide for yourself.