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Ming has to infiltrate the Asian’s circle of trust so she can get the Sanctuary tape that might show Jenna and Matty getting it on.

Matty confesses to Jenna he’s in love with her, but Jenna tells Jake she’s no longer in love with the guy before him.

Ming gets the tape for Jenna, but not before Valerie takes it and uses it to become Vice Principal. Ming now owes the Asians a favor.

Lacey tells Kevin she wrote the letter to Jenna.

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Awkward Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Becca: What I don't know is, are you a cool Asian or a school Asian? What are your PSAT scores?
Ming: 120.
Becca: Low. You're not a school Asian. Have you ever spring break-ed in Cabo, downed Adderall, or had an affair with the lead singer of an indie rock band?
Ming: No.
Becca: Not a cool Asian either.
Ming: So what am I?
Becca: White.

Himore was trying to stop us from letting us park our cars in the visitor spaces, that bitch had to go.