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Colin invites Jenna to his place for a photography shoot, but after a blowup in the car Jenna decides to go to the shoot without Matty. With no Matty in sight, Jenna begins to grow closer to Collin. She tries to ignore his feelings, but after learning Collin's girlfriend is now his ex Jenna gives in and kisses Collin in his car right as Matty is walking to see her. As Matty is helping a girl up who tripped he sees Collin speed off in his car, and Jenna greeting him. Matty missed the entire kiss. The episode ends with "To Be Continued."


Meanwhile, Ming is officially crowned as the head of the Asian Mafia, and Tamara and Jake have an argument.

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I know You haven´t made a review of the episode yet, but it was so WOWING I had to Tell someone! I can´t believe Jenna "Redifined" herself in that Way. I love the pillot, it has kept me Mouth-Opened the whole season, but Matty does NOT deserve this, that´s my perception. I loved how this episode dissipated all of last episode´s Hints. I would love for Jenna to leave Matty SO that she sees what she´s Letting go of and she Appreciates!.. Hopefully the season finale won´t make me want to punch Her in the face! But All in all I´m curious to know what will happen Next episode! YASAP


this is a very short season?why this?

Awkward Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Jenna: Because you're embarrassing me and I have never embarrassed you.
Matty: Oh really? What about the start of sophomore year when everyone thought you tried to kill yourself?
Jenna: I didn't try to kill myself.
Matty: I know that now, but I didn't know that then. I thought it was because of me.
Jenna: You? Why you?
Matty: Because you had your accident that same day we slept together. How do you think that f**ked with my head? You didn't even try to explain it to me. Instead you obsessively stared at me from a distance for weeks. What was I supposed to think?
Jenna: You didn't want to be seen with me!
Matty: Because I was mortified!

I don't want her to beat herself up for the rest of her life. She'll end up in porn.