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The Bachelor and The Bachelorette castoffs reunite in the house.

There are 19 of them, eight guys and 11 ladies. One of each gender will be cut loose this week.

There is a game of Twister and to the winner - Craig M. - goes immunity. He also gets to take three girls on a date, and the winner of the rose on that date is safe as well.

He gives it to Jessie. Elizabeth is crazy and kind of pissed. Gwen was just sort of there.

The gang struggles with the concept that the girls get to vote the guys off, and vice versa. Jesse and Juan worry that past hookups with the ladies may cost them.

Juan gets the boot, as does crazy Michelle.

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I loved it. Substance I get from reading books. I was very entertained.Anti-Reality-TV Says The day that reality shows die and creative programming returns will be the day they jump for joy, sorry it never happen along with baseball, football reality Tv is here to stay. And you are confinded to the Internet which I believe is a LIE, you just like to BITCH and BORE everyone!


This show is a new low in television quality. Reality "stars" are nothing more than attention seekers who are willing to whore themselves out for money and the networks laugh all the way to the bank because mindless lemmings such as my wife (sorry dear...I love you, just hate your viewing habits) insist on watching this crap of a bunch of people fighting for prize over the course of a season that doesn't even match an A-list actors per episode salary. YOU ARE BEING EXPLOITED PEOPLE!! But i guess it doesn't matter to them. The day that reality shows die and creative programming returns will be the day I jump for joy. Until then, the internet will continue to be my playground....at least it is entertaining, educational and dynamic and if I want to watch people whore themselves out and act like sluts and ho-bags for the public to watch...I deliberately went looking for it. I didn't get it delivered on prime-ime while there are children present. Get this crap off the airwaves...it is sad to see electricity being wasted on the production and consumption of this garbage.