"The Immutable Truth"

Dylan and Romero try to bring an end to the drug war while Norman is haunted by the events of his past on Bates Motel.

"The Box"

Norma attempts to reconnect with Norman while Romero looks for help from a former colleague on Bates Motel.


Norma pushes Norman away while Romero investigates Miss Watson's death on Bates Motel.

"Presumed Innocent"

Norman wonders about Norma's faith in him while Dylan is threatend by Zane on Bates Motel.


Dylan takes control, Emma ends up in a dangerous position and Norma and Norman's relationship is threatened on Bates Motel.

"The Escape Artist"

Norma arranges a deal with a mysterious man while Norman shares a confidence in Cody on Bates Motel.

"Check Out"

Dylan finds himself questioning his loyalty to both Norma and Norman on Bates Motel.


Norma makes a new alliance while Norman becomes enamoured with a townie girl on Bates Motel.

"Shadow of a Doubt"

Norma attempts to distract Norman when he becomes obsessed with Miss Watson on Bates Motel.

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

In the Bates Motel season 2 premiere, Norman struggles to deal with Miss Watson's death.

Bates Motel Quotes

Norma: I hear ya, but I can't take care of my self, I'm a mother. Now I have to go talk to my horrible brother. You know what? I have no choice because it is important to my sons.
James: Yeah? And what about your own needs?
Norma: Parents do not have needs. You ever read the book The Giving Tree? It's about this tree and this kid keeps coming and taking stuff from it his whole life until there's nothing left but a stump and then the kid sits on the stump. That's being a parent.

Oh and by the way? My mother died. Here's your lunch.