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"Father Knows Best"

Vincent tries to stop a high-profile beast while Cat confronts her father about his mysterious past on Beauty and the Beast.

Cat attends her high school reunion this week on Beauty and the Beast. She runs into an old acquaintance there.

Gabe asks for Vincent's assistance to help track down a suspected beast on Beauty and the Beast this week.

"Liar, Liar"

Catherine and Vincent track a mysterious beast on this episode. Heather, meanwhile, has major news for Cat.

Everything is turned upside down when Kat is kidnapped by Vincent on Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast is back! Read on for a recap of the Season 2 premiere.

"Never Turn Back"

Cat discovers the shocking truth about her past on the Beauty and the Beast season finale. Read on for a recap.

Cat and Vincent quickly regret it when they go out on a date in public on Beauty and the Beast.


Cat's remembrance ceremony for her late mother coincides with her learning information that makes her question whether her mother is truly alive on Beauty and the Beast.

"Playing with Fire"

JT and Vincent make new living arrangements while Gabe comes clean about Muirfield on Beauty and the Beast.