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Suren and Aidan say goodbye.

Sally tries to steal someone elses door.

Josh goes to Julia's funeral, but her friend talks him out of going inside.

Nora is badly injured during the eclipse and Josh is called as her emergency contact.

Aidan decides to kill Mother.

Josh decides to kill Ray.

The Reaper shows up when Sally possesses Ray's wife.

Sally asks her mother to shred her.

Mother chooses Suren as her successor. All she needs to do is kill Aidan to earn her birthright.

Sally's mother tells her she will be there for her now, and then her door appears.

When Suren couldn't kill Aidan, Mother kills Suren.

Mother buries Aidan in Suren's old hole.

Ray holds a gun on Josh and Nora holds a gun on Ray. Two shots ring out.

Sally shreds herself and comes through on the radio, calling out to Josh and Aidan.



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Great episode. I liked the cliffhangers for all the characters. I realized that Mother was going to stake Suren as soon as she said that she could not kill Aiden. Damn, heartbreaking that both Henry and Suren came through for Aiden at the end. I predict that Nora kills Ray, the Amish vamp helps free Aiden and save Henry, and then Aiden, Nora, and Josh team up to help Sally.

Being Human Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

The curse, it's in the bloodline. It wouldn't just cure yourself, but anyone who you made.


Aidan, I told you I was weak. You're my weakness. You can't ask me to watch you die.