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-Drew finds out about Sara and Jack's affair.

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All I can see is completely messed up woman who has had a major problem since she was a kid and has no idea about real life and who she thinks he is. Can't wait till the axe falls and daddy-in-law takes out his revenge on Jack for what he has done to his daughter and kids. Is there going to be a double revenge with her on the receiving end, time will tell and her family will go down the drain over it.


When is Sara going to stop with the feeling sorry and neglected by everybody, she keeps playing the deep sister card that has worked its way into her family and marriage. This affair with Jack has nothing to do with Drew even though he is looking to move up in the world and she has a job she likes and loves. This trying to put the blame on Drew is a crook, this is a fantasy about lust and being used by an underhanded backstabbing lawyer that she can't see.
What she doesn't know is his father-in-law is a powerful criminal who he has worked and participated in with him, this affair against his daughter who he is married to will not go away there will be payback and she might be part of his doing keeping his hands clean.