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This week's episode is titled "The Mighty and Strong." Bill's life has become a whirlwind of crazy events. As he is about to announce his run for State Senate, he finds out something revealing about Margene and Ben.
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Bill, Nicki, and Cara Lynn travel to Washington, D.C. to get support from a particular Senator. Barb is back at the homefront taking care of casino business while Margene leaves us guessing what will come!
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This is the second episode of Big Love's fourth season. Bill is on a mission to becomem a politician - this could cause his whole family secret to be unearthed. Meanwhile, Sarah and Scott plan a courthouse marriage!
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So much has already changed in the Henrickson life - season four premiere's with a bang! Read our review and recap to find out all the craziness that you missed!
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Big Love Quotes

Sarah: Why can't we just hire a babysitter like everyone else?
Barb: Because we're not everyone else

Margene: Does that mean you miss me more?
Bill: Officially... I miss you guys all the same.