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-Kathleen DeMotto is found strangled and posed in a cemetery with a crucifix in her hand. Danny and Det. Baez soon find out that she had become a Muslim.


-Despite fall out from her high school sweetheart and her new boyfriend's brother, it was Kathleen's father who murdered her. Since his wife's death, Kathleen was all he had and when she told him she'd become a Muslim, he grabbed her and strangled her when she threatened to walk away.


-Pedro Mendoza a former NYPD officer who was terminated shot two Miami Police Officers, killing one after being turned down for a job.


-Mendoza hated his bosses at NYPD and comes back to the city for revenge. The entire department is on high alert and jumping at every Hispanic male matching the description.


-Renzulli, Jamie, and his partner find Mendoza and when he opens fire he is shot and killed.

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I loved Blue Bloods but after this last episode I will never watch it again. I saw how much influence the Liberal media has on CBS as well as msnbc, abc and cnn. First, a viewer knows right away that a muslim will not be the villain and to look for a fifty plus year old white man to be guilty. Sure enough that's how it happened. Also, he was Catholic and killed his daughter for loving a muslim. LOLOOLOLOL. They got the faiths mixed up as you can see for a fact in the real world. Give us a break, media, you're making your political statements way too obvious.

Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

I know it's not on us but it's like a punch in the gut anyway.


She kind of reminds me of the pretty Italian girl in high school that all the Irish boys fell in love with.