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-A quote from an old opposition piece that Garrett wrote about Frank years ago ends up in an interview. Garrett and Frank argue when Garrett tries to get it pulled and both men are upset at how close to the mark the unflattering comments are.


-Danny and Jamie's friends get into a fight on the basketball court causing one to press charges. Jamie has to beg his friend to let the matter go and not continue with the possible law suit.


-The father of a murder victim convinces Erin to open a cold case. Jenny Anderson was killed 15 years ago and her father believes it was her rich boyfriend but can't prove it.


-Erin enlists Danny's help and the two break the boyfriend's alibi but later realize it was his rich father who killed the girl during a fight.  When the man is finally arrested, Erin makes sure that Jenny's dad is there to see it.


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Hm, love this show! Watching over and over on Netflix :) Have to say in this episode, Jamie's friend who punched the guy while playing basketball was wrong and deserved the trouble that he got. They keep saying the other guy started it... yeah he was talking smack but that doesn't give you the right to hit somebody. The family is generally supposed to be on the right side of the law, they shouldn't have sided with the puncher.


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This was an awesome show!

Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

For a guy who's carried a gun most of his life you really know how to shoot yourself in the foot.


My jump shots about to make me fifty bucks and it's about to come from your pocket.