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-Danny and Baez investigate when a child in a restaurant leaves the message "help me" before being dragged off by a man who is not her father.  From surveillance video and a karate patch on the girl's clothing, Danny tracks down Lottie Holden's parents.


-Lottie was kidnapped when her parents failed to help a Croatian mobster smuggle two assassins into the US. The kidnapper wont' return Lottie until they do. 


-Undercover officers pretend to be the assassins but the kidnapper figures out their plan during the exchange and tries to run. Lottie ends up back with her parents but Danny chases the kidnapper who runs into traffic and is killed when he's hit by a truck.


-Jamie ends up in the middle of a hostage situation at a jewelry story when Grady snaps after his fiancee leaves him at the altar and the store won't take back the ring.


-Jamie arrests Grady but promises to help but the ADA on the case wants to throw the book at Grady. Later at Riker's Island, Grady hangs himself in his cell.


-Frank confronts a police chaplain who has been let off the hook on four DWIs in two months. Turns out a cop Father Markham counseled after 9/11 recently killed himself and he's having a crisis of faith. 


-Frank has Markham turn himself in for the DWI but also sends Jamie too him in the hopes that they can help on another find their faith.


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what company provides tom selleck's clothing on blue bloods?

Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Erin: What's the rest of your day like?
Nicky: Boring class, boring class, boring class. Fun lunch. Boring class.

Erin: Five minutes ago you were that age.
Nicky: Feels like a hundred years ago.