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Boardwalk Empire Season 3

"Margate Sands"

Nucky sacrifices a key asset on the Boardwalk Empire Season 3 finale, while Margaret attempts to solve a romantic conundrum.

"Two Imposters"

On Boardwalk Empire, when Gyp hits Atlantic City, Nucky and Eddie hide out with Chalky while Luciano takes a risk.

"A Man, A Plan"

On Boardwalk Empire, when Nucky asks, Owen steps in to intervene in the Rosetti / Masseria alliance. Chalky looks for a new business opportunity while Van Alden must deal with a professional setback.

"The Milkmaid's Lot"

After Rosetti's latest acts of aggression, Nucky decides to gather his forces to take him out on Boardwalk Empire.

"The Pony"

Andrew Mellon mulls over a proposition from Nucky while Van Alden pays a debt on Boardwalk Empire.

"Sunday Best"

On Boardwalk Empire, Eli uses a family holiday to repair his relationship with Nucky and Gyp prepares for a meeting in New York.

"Ging Gang Goolie"

On Boardwalk Empire, due to Harry Daugherty, Nucky finds himself in a fix in D.C. that forces him to seek help from Ethel Randolph and later consider working with Gaston Means.

"You'd Be Surprised"

On Boardwalk Empire, Nucky and Rothstein argue over their business dealings with Gyp Rosetti and Gillian looks for help with the brothel.

"Blue Bell Boy"

On Boardwalk Empire, with Torrio away, Capone decides to handle matters with Chicago mobster O'Banion his own way. Nucky and Owen have to hide out from the Feds in Atlantic City.

"Bone for Tuna"

Margaret receives an honor from the church on this episode of Boardwalk Empire. Elsewhere, Van Alden finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Spaghetti & Coffee"

On Boardwalk Empire, Nucky finds a new collection system in New York. Eli has problems with his new boss after getting out of jail.


Nucky and company are back! Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire gets underway on the eve of 1923.

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