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-Daphne Zimmer is found dead in her swimming pool. She was a high power magazine editor for Society Fair magazine and a friend of Megan's mother.

-Daphne's employees were very stressed and several had a reason to kill her.

-Megan accepts her mother's invitation to a society party in order to get close to suspect, Collin Lloyd. Collin may have had Daphne beaten up a year ago after she ran an expose on him that led to his divorce which cost him $50 million.

-Megan's mom is horrified when Megan yanks out some of Collin's hair and accuses him of murder.

-Hair found in Daphne's pool is not a match for any of their suspects. Turns out the hair is over 100 years old and from an antique locket. 

-The office manager, Lauren was furious when Daphne allowed all employees to enter a prestigious writing contest. When she went to Daphne's home to complain, Daphne fired her. They fought and Daphne fell in the pool. Lauren threw a space heater in and electrocuted her.

-Megan and her mom call a truce and make up.

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Who is the actress who plays Dana Delaney's mother in the April 26th episode?


I have always been a fan of Dana Delaney. But I am disappointed in this episode. As a survivor of kidney disease, it bothers me...actually I'm more than a little angry....with the inaccuracies in this episode. Aspirin does not affect kidneys. Ibuprofen does. Ibuprofen is actually considered a major contributor to kidney disease these days due to the amount that an ordinary person will take when trying to stave off any form of pain or inflammation. What is disturbing about this episode is that people will now steer away from aspirin because it apparently causes kidney degeneration (not true), and will now lean more towards ibuprofen as a painkiller of choice because apparently it has no ill effects (not true). Well - I guess everyone falls within the collective need of sponsorship or brand wars (Advil vs. Aspirin) - advertising is what keeps TV alive. Unfortuntely, that's not true for people.

Body of Proof Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I feel sorry for you Megan. You don't know what it's like to have friends.


Peter: I thought you hated your life in Chestnut Hill?
Megan: Hated is a little strong. I loathed it.