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Bones and Booth go undercover for this episode.

In it,  death of female conjoined twins that worked in the circus is investigated. The investigation leads Brennan and Booth to pretend they are a Canadian knife-throwing act. Well, of course.

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Bones Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Vince: On a standard keyboard, there are over 3,000 words that can be touch-typed with the left hand alone.
Cam: It's not typed. It's hand-written.
Angela: How many can be typed with the right hand?
Nigel-Murray: 450. Thank you, ever so much for asking me.
Cam: Please, don't encourage him.

Vincent: Notice the antemortem bone lesion in the carpal capitate, suggesting a stab wound on the hand.
Cam: Did you see the video? They were juggling machetes.