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The Gravedigger (Heather Taffett) is headed to court for her appeal. Her head is blown off by a mysterious gunman - a pro.

Sweets is shaken up. Hodgins is grateful Taffett is toast. Booth is on the hunt for the assassin and no one is ruled out.

Even Brennan's dad is a suspect, although it turns out he's clean. Then one of the Digger's victim's dads turns up dirty.

He admits he paid $2 million to a sniper, who picked the victim and named the price. Booth puts the pieces together.

It's one of about a half dozen people who could even pull this off. Interrogating one, he realizes it's another, and it's personal.

Booth tracks him down in the woods - which the sniper wanted, even baited him to - but won't kill him without proof.

The sniper escapes, Booth dislocates his shoulder and lives to fight another day.

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I'm a little surprised Booth didn't take the shot when he had the chance. He didn't seem to like the guy that much, and even injured Booth had the skill. And I'm glad to see that Taffet/Gravedigger is now gone as well, especially after what she said to Sweets. Great episode overall that was made even better with my DISH Network HD service. As a DISH customer and employee I can safely say DISH has more HD channels than any other provider, and I highly suggest checking it out.