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Tragic Consequences
Watch Bones Season 9 Episode 4
"The Sense in the Sacrifice"
Original Air Date:

When the team tries to taunt Pelant into showing himself, the plan results in tragic consequences for someone close to Booth on Bones.

Sweets In The Middle
Watch Bones Season 9 Episode 3
"El Carnicero en el Coche"
Original Air Date:

When a gang member turns up dead in a burned out car, Sweets ends up in the middle of the investigation due to his personal relationship with the dead man's son on Bones.

Are Things Looking Up?
Watch Bones Season 9 Episode 2
"The Cheat in the Retreat"
Original Air Date:

When bobcat-eaten body is found in a dumpster, Booth and Bones go undercover at a couples retreat as Tony and Roxie on Bones.

Bones Season Premiere Picture
Watch Bones Season 9 Episode 1
"The Secrets in the Proposal"
Original Air Date:

A man's remains are found in an air conditioning unit on the ninth season premiere of Bones. Brennan and Booth's relationship is on shaky ground.

Bones Season 8 Finale Scene
Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 24
"The Secret in the Siege"
Original Air Date:

Pelant returns on the Season 8 finale of Bones. He has his sights on one of the team. Booth and Bones make a decision about their future.

Preventing an Outbreak
Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 23
"The Pathos in the Pathogens"
Original Air Date:

The Jeffersonian team tries to determine if there is an outbreak when a journalist dies while doing a story at a biohazard facility. Their search becomes more frantic when one of their own becomes infected with the virus on Bones.

Booth's Mother Visits
Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 22
"The Party in the Pants"
Original Air Date:

The team investigates the death of stockbroker who moonlighted as a stripper and Booth's mother returns after a 24 year absence on Bones.

A Dangerous Crime Scene
Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 21
"The Maiden in the Mushrooms"
Original Air Date:

Brennan doesn't believe it when Christine's teacher says she's been biting another student at school on Bones.

The Diamond Connection
Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 20
"The Blood From the Stones"
Original Air Date:

An undercover police officer investigating a string of ATM robberies is found dead on Bones. Inside his body, the team discovers a bag of diamonds.

The Doomsday Bunker
Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 19
"The Doom in the Gloom"
Original Air Date:

The team investigates the death of a Marine who was obsessed with the apocalypse and Booth and Brennan doubt Sweets will move out of their home on Bones.

Bones Quotes

Save the girls.


[to Daisy and Brennan] Love is not chemistry.


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Song Rain Or Shine Matthew Perryman Jones
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