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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1

"Charges and Specs"

In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season finale, Jake is determined to crack a case, even at the risk of suspension. Meanwhile, Charles and Vivian have pre-marital problems.


Jake gets Terry's help to solve a cold case during his time off on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"Fancy Brugdom "

Jake gets a larger role than expected in wedding planning when Charles as him to be his best man on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"Tactical Village"

The detectives are forced to take a mandatory training course on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"The Apartment"

Gina assists Jake in finding a new apartment while Boyle and Diaz have a run in with one of the weekend officers on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"Full Boyle"

Rosa and Amy must deal with a costumed crime fighter while Jake tries to keep Boyle from moving his new romance along too quickly on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Capt. Holt invites everyone from the precinct to a party at her home for her birthday on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"Operation Broken Feather"

Jake is upset when he finds out that Amy may leave the precinct to take a job with Vulture in the Special Crimes Unit on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"The Ebony Falcon"

When someone breaks into Gina's apartment, Amy and Rosa investigate while Terry returns to the field on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Jake and Amy finish out the competition for most arrests while Charles pain medication cause him to be a little to honest on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"Pontiac Bandit"

Jake and Rosa go after a car theif while Boyle returns to work after his injury on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

When the Captain receives death threats, Jake is put in charge of his security plan on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Boyle may have to save the holiday when Jake and Holt must leave Thanksgiving dinner on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"Sal's Pizza"

When the fire marshall accuses the owner a pizza place for causing his own fire, Jake goes out of his way to prove him wrong on Brookline Nine-Nine.

"Old School"

Holt has a lesson to teach Jake. Read on for a recap of the latest Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.

The clock is against Jake on Brookln Nine-Nine this week. He has 48 hours to collect evidence against a perp.

Any Samberg and Andre Braugher star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Get to know their characters on this series premiere.

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