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Getting the woman of Charles' dreams turns out to be more complicated than expected. Find out if Jake and Charles can make it happen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 3.
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With their nemesis,The Vulture, serving as the Nine-Nine's captain, will Jake and Amy's relationship? Find out in our review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 2.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quotes

Amy: Rule number one, let's not tell anyone so we can figure out what this is first.
Jake: Smart. Rule number two, let's not put labels on it. We're not boyfriend and girlfriend, we're just...murmzeep and jinglebin.
Amy: Great. Rule number three, let's not have sex right away.
Jake: (pause) Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool, no doubt no doubt no doubt no doubt. Good rule, no sex, good rule.

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