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Sgt. Terry is sick of Jake constantly borrowing money and demands that he be paid back. But Jake think that the Sgt. is keeping a secret. Capt. Holt and Amy work to solve a cold case and Jake decides to work off his debt, with hilarious results.
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Jake incurs the wrath of the rest of the detectives and Gina when he invites the Captain to a weekend getaway. Boyle tries to teach Rosa the subtle art of texting seduction while Gina's desire to see a six drink version of Amy finally comes true to unexpected results.
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We're ready to count down to the new year with the Best of 2014. First up are the best buddies found on television. Check out our slideshow and take the poll!
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quotes

Holt: Do you see me as a father figure?
Jake: No! If anything I see you as a "bother" figure cause you're always bothering me.

Jake: So talk to me Goose, how are we lookin'?
Gina: Sexy, but not like we're trying to, but like, sure we're trying, but it's almost effortless?