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Luc is going to China to paint a mural, Sarah has officially taken over her mother’s radio station, Kevin and Scotty are looking into becoming foster parents again, Nora is falling for Dr. Karl and Kitty is ready to start her guest-lecturing gig at Wexley.

Kitty starts hooking up with a 27-year-old barista who works at a coffee shop near campus.

Before you can say “abstinence-only education” she’s got Seth in a room at the Hotel Velone and is sending him out for pizza and more condoms. Nora and Dr. Karl, meanwhile, are recording promos for the radio station and book themselves a room at the same hotel.

Sarah has already booked a room for her romantic last night with Luc before he heads off to China.

Kevin accidentally eats a Cafe 429 employee’s pot brownie and gets high before his meeting with the social worker. Scotty has to drag him to the hotel to get Sarah’s help in calming him down.

Sarah accidentally kicks Luc in the face. He cuts himself on glass they knocked on the floor. Kitty sends her boy-toy out for pizza, and he winds up spilling the sodas he bought all over Nora.

Sarah sees Dr. Karl and assumes he's cheating on Nora.

Kevin and Scotty are still awaiting the social worker’s visit. Dr. Karl apologizes to Nora and admits that he’s just as screwed up. They get it on.

Luc leaves for China. Kitty decides to have a little fun with Seth the barista and not worry so much about the fact that he’s only 27.

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I think the author of this review and John L above are both being too kind and forgiving... the episode was the worst of the series. It was poorly written, cliched, over-the-top, slapstick garbage. Whoever wrote the episode, please revoke their WGA card permanently, or send them back to school. That was an hour of my life that I'll never get back. The episode was such a mess that it should've been titled: GET A BROOM.


This show jumped the shark the first episode of this season. I can no longer suspend my disbelief at the drivel that was presented in the Dec 5th, 2010 episode. Every character overacted or over-reacted to every situation. These characteristics along with the plot that was so overly contrived made me want to puke. Puking would have been more enjoyable than suffering through every plot turn and slapstick part of this horrendous excuse of "dis-entertainment." Leave the slapstick to the Three Stooges and the past. EVERY actor on the show should be ashamed to be associated withthis series. I hope it gets cancelled, and FAST!