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Californication Season 5

"Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be"

Hank learns some unsettling news on the season five finale of Californication. Charlie also proves to his pal just how good of a friend he really is.

"The Party"

Hank's stay with Karen and Richard comes to an end this week on Californication. A party thrown in his honor turns ugly.

"Perverts & Whores"

Hanks seeks new representation this week, following a falling out with Charlie. The latter, meanwhile, Charlie looks for comfort in an old friend,

"At the Movies"

It's the first day of production on Hank's new movie this week, but things go awry when he clashes with Samurai over a woman.

Hank is surprised this week to see that Tyler's screenplay isn't bad at all, and also to learn that Becca is referenced in the manuscript.

"Here I Go Again"

Hank and Richard retrace the steps of the latter's drunken night this week. They end up at a stripper's home as a result.

"Love Song"

Samurai comes down with writer's block this week, requiring Hank's assistance. This results in a hearkening flash back to his first time in Los Angeles by Hank.

"The Ride-Along"

This week on Californication, Sam takes off on a ride-along with the Santa Monica police this week, inviting Hank and Charlie to go with him. The night then takes a horrifying turn.

"Waiting for the Miracle"

Hank must invite Carrie to a dinner party this week, while Charlie goes on a blind date with an inexperienced woman.

"Boys & Girls"

Hank is asked to take Kali around town this week. Elsewhere, Tyler crashes at Karen and Becca's place.

"The Way of the Fist"

Samurai Apocalypse won't take Hank's rejection as an answer this week, dragging him to a meeting with Peter Berg. Elsewhere, Stuart causes trouble at preschool.

"JFK to LAX"

It's off to California for Hank on season five of Californication. What is in store for the notorious Moody?

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