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  • A billionaire is the subject of an attempted murder and Kate is assigned to protect him, sparking jealousy in Castle.
  • Eric Vaughn, the billionaire, finds himself interested in Kate and attempts to kiss her. She tells him her relationship with Rick is serious but wonders where it is going.
  • Vaughn is meant to be poisoned and then a sniper shoots at him. Turns out his lawyer was transferring money out to pay off his gambling debt and was afraid his boss would find out.
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21 and 22 patently contradict each other! I have said it previously but Castle is no ladies man. He waited and waited for Beckett. They find it hard to talk to each other though


I do hope that the switch of episodes made out of respect for events in Boston, make sense. It was the right call for ABC to make, but lets hope it really doesn't mess with the timeline or any story arcs.

Castle Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

The things you notice when you're paying attention.


Would you rather play with a kid in an imaginary world or me in a real world?