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-Shauna Taylor is tortured and killed and Simon Doyle is spotted leaving the scene. Doyle swears he didn't kill Shauna. He was sent from the future to save her.  Castle love the theory. Beckett doesn't believe a word of it.


-Doyle claims that in 2031 there is a massive energy war and what happens now could change the outcome and kill millions of people in the future. Then he disappears from his jail cell. 


-Garrett Ward, another supposed time traveler killed Shauna searching for her brother, Dr. Malcolm Wickfield. Wickfield inspired a student, Paul Deschile who Doyle claims later comes up with a way to end the war. When Garrett goes after Paul at a planetarium, Beckett and the team stop him.


-Doyle tells Castle and Becket that in the future they do get married. Castle writes serious literature. Beckett becomes a senator and they have three kids. 


-Castle finally tells Alexis that Pi has to go. She says that she and Pi are getting their own apartment and she moves out. Castle is heartbroken that his little girl has grown up. 


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Cannot wait to watch the episode tonight


also wanted to know why no one has acknowledged Castle to have resolved almost all cases, only congratulate Beckett, if not for the Castle, not solve almost all cases.


Andrew, do also fight with Alexis Castle, because he accepted all relationship Alexis even disliking some, but to see her daughter happy, accepted their boyfriends, so why we can not accept Alexis Beckett, Castle has to tell it to Alexis.

Castle Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Ryan: And you're letting her?
Castle: Well apparently the only way to stop her is by locking her up but according to Miss By-the-Book here that's unlawful imprisonment.

Lanie: A lot of weirdos out there with too much imagination is what happened and yes, I'm looking at you Castle.
Castle: Yes but I only commit my murders on paper. I don't actually do them. A lot more lucrative, a lot less prison.