World famous mystery writer Richard Castle finds unexpected inspiration when Detective Kate Beckett questions him about a series of murders that based on his books.

Taken Hostage - Castle Season 7 Episode 8
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 8
"Kill Switch"
Original Air Date:

On Castle Season 7 Episode 8, Detective Esposito ends up in the middle of a deadly situation when a person of interest in a murder investigation takes a subway car hostage.

A Caskett Kiss - Castle
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 7
"Once Upon A Time in the West"
Original Air Date:

On Castle Season 7 Episode 7, Castle and Beckett are married! But they also learn that a murder victim may have been poisoned at an Old West-style resort.

Castle's Crazy Story Season 7 Episode 6
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 6
"The Time of Our Lives"
Original Air Date:

Castle Season 7 Episode 6 Rick ends up in an alternate universe where he's never met Beckett or anyone at the 12th. Can he convince them to let him help with the case so he can get back and marry Kate?

Partners in Crime, Love - Castle
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 5
"Meme is Murder"
Original Air Date:

When internet celebrities turn up gruesomely murdered on Castle Season 7 Episode 5, Castle and Beckett visit the dark side of the world wide web.

Fairy Wings - Castle
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 4
"Child's Play"
Original Air Date:

Rick goes undercover in an elementary school when the team has to identify a second-grader who may information about the murder of an ice cream vendor on Castle.

A Paranormal Killer - Castle
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 3
"Clear and Present Danger"
Original Air Date:

When a pool hustler is murdered by an unseen killer, evidence suggest that paranormal powers may be at work. Meanwhile, Rick and Kate attempt to get their lives back to normal on Castle.

Castle In a Toy Store
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

Beckett and the team investigate the murder of the CEO of a toy company while Rick gets a lead on his disappearance which puts him on a dangerous path on Castle.

Finding Castle's Car
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

Kate Beckett faces the toughest case of her life when Rick vanishes after a fiery car crash moments before their wedding on the Castle season 7 premiere.

A Face From Her Past
Watch Castle Season 6 Episode 23
"For Better or Worse"
Original Air Date:

As Rick and Kate's wedding day draws near, a shocking event sends them on a wild run that threatens to ruin their day on the season finale of Castle.

A Secret Investigation
Watch Castle Season 6 Episode 22
Original Air Date:

When man whom Beckett was secretly watching in connection to her mother's murder is killed, she and Castle become the target of a manhunt that puts their lives at risk.

Mystery writer Richard Castle is mired in a case of writer's block after killing off the main character of his books. But he finds himself unexpectedly inspired by solving real life crimes with Detective Kate Beckett and even more affected by the detective herself whom he decides to base his new series of novels.

Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Kate Beckett: You texted Castle and not me?
Kevin Ryan: Well, when you have a crazy theory you don't call the voice of reason.