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On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 12, April goes to war with her old college roommate that's trying to take over publishing deal. Find out what happens next in our review!
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On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 11, The Carver women are dealing with George's secret, but when Natalie disappears, their secret could be in jeopardy. Read on for our review!
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The summer of 2015 has been filled with amazing episodes of original TV. Which shows are we rooting for to get picked up for next summer? Read on...
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Chasing Life follows a young, aspiring journalist who receives horrible news: she has cancer. How will she battle through this diagnosis?
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Chasing Life Quotes

April: I have leukemia.
Beth: Hilarious. Seriously, what's up?
April. No. Seriously. I have leukemia.

Dominic: So, no secret boyfriend.
April: No.
Dominic: You're just sleeping with your uncle?
April: Yes.
Dominic: That's fine!