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- An internet video has made Hawthorne wipes a gay icon.

- Pierce decides to throw a gay pride party sponsored by Hawthorne wipes.

- Pierce's super racist and prejudice dad shows up.

- Britta thinks Jeff and Pierce both have Oedipal complexs.

- Troy is recruited into a super secret Air Conditioning repair school.


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I liked cumnomity. I hope the Pierce girlfriend comes back too. I didn’t see real chemistry between Brita and Troy – I didn;t actually get the impression they were going to go anywhere with it, but I could be wrong of course. I sort of took it as a character thing for Britta – they had no chemistry but she still wanted him due to the trauma. Idk. Much <3En[]

Community Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Wow Pierce! Congratulations on meeting the minimum requirements for of open mindedness!


Student: Excuse me are you Pierce Hawthorne, Hawthrone wipes?
Pierce: At your cervix! Sorry I thought you were a lady.