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In Detroit, UnSub Kaman has used the mayhem of Devil's Night as a cover for his abductions and murders. Our team only has the three nights of Devil’s Night to catch Kaman before he disappears again for another year.

On the first night of Devil’s Night, Kaman takes victim Tony Torrell into an empty warehouse in Detroit’s Rivertown district. There, he ties him up and burns him alive.

They look at firemen and first responders, but decide to take the investigation in a new direction by talking to Tony Torell’s wife, Kierston.

Rossi gets her to recall the night of the abduction, and they are able to learn that the UnSub’s body is probably badly burned.

He only commits crimes on Devil’s Night because his disfigurement seems like a Halloween costume, so he can blend in.

As the police scour the city, Kaman abducts Chris Edwards, his second victim. But when he runs into a police blockade on the way to the abandoned part of Riverton, he panics and has to hastily burn him in a back alley.

Garcia uncovers Kaman’s identity and the race is on to catch the now-devolving UnSub.

The team tracks Kaman to a restaurant called Jay-Mo’s, which is owned by the father of Tracy, Kaman’s girlfriend from before the accident that lead to his disfigurement.

As Kaman tortures Jay-Mo, we learn that much of his reign of terror has been due to feeling abandoned by her. Finding her is his endgame now.

By the time the team makes it, Hotch is barely able to save a near-dead Jay Mo from the restaurant before it burns to the ground.

Much closer on Kaman’s trail now, the police surround Tracy’s house while Kaman is inside for his final confrontation.

Since the house has been doused in gasoline, though, the police cannot fire a single shot without risking the lives of Tracy and her family.

It is Hotch, via megaphone, who ends it by getting Tracy to admit to Kaman that they had a son together (who he’s never met until now), upon whom Tracy bestowed the middle name of Kaman.

The episode is bookended with Hotch and Jack getting ready for Halloween. In the end, Jack decides to dress up like his father – a real hero.

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It's sad that the whole flavor of the show changed for this episode - the Halloween thing. It was not a look into the mind of the criminal. It was a trite and typical cop show. Chase the criminal and show gruesomeness repeatedly, for the shock value (as is done in many other shows). This was so disappointing. It was a show like all the other law enforcement shows instead of a quality, high caliber show- intellectual, and interesting. The criminal was not brilliant, clever, or "well organized" as they stated. He was an out-of-control murderer.
And why was the BAU there in the first place? Weren't the Detroit police smart enough to figure out who the perpetrator was? It was Garcia who solved the crime and the BAU team chased the killer.
Poor work. If this is going to be the "new style" of the show, then you've lost a fan. This kind of show is on every night of the week. You're not unique, just trite. Plase return to the original concept of showing behavioral analyisis.